Employee Management – Get Better Results Fast!

Who doesn’t need to get more from their employees in these challenging economic times? The answer is just about every business owner. The great thing is, there are some easy steps that you can take to improve employee performance. And why not go for the simple things first?

Here are a few things you should think about: and Hamilton Lindley

1) Measure employee satisfaction with an Employee Job Survey. This doesn’t have to be a long and complicated tool-based system. It can often be an easy web-based survey, a simple email or just a plain old piece of paper. You just need something you can gauge employee satisfaction with and track over time. Employee satisfaction is a key element of the overall success of most businesses.

2) Have regular Employee Evaluations. Go beyond the casual chat to a simple but formal process. Use this time to help employees understand the goals and strategies of your business and what you expect of them. Give them honest feedback; help them understand what they are doing well and where they might improve. Make sure to consider encouraging employees to stretch themselves and grow their skills. Few things work better than an engaged, informed and appreciated worker.

3) Pay attention to the day to day Workplace Environment and improve related elements for your employees where you can. The environment you create will have a lot to do with how motivated your employees are. Often managers confuse this with a lack of discipline or go too far with expense in an effort to try to win their people over. The most important part of a team environment is the spirit of collaboration in the workplace. Giving your team things and perks can be great, but giving them a workplace that is more enjoyable, fair, safe and fun is often easy to improve and simply the right thing to do.

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