Is There A Fat Loss System For Food Lovers?

Not all food lovers are overweight, and not all of us who are overweight love their food any more than people without a weight problem. So what if you’re a food lover who needs to lose weight? Is that such a dilemma? This article will show that food loversĀ canĀ lose weight, but that they will have to think outside the box if they are to get to the bottom of the problem.

Tragically, so many people wishing to lose weight rush to buy the latest diet pills and other quick fixes which, while some of them may appear to give results early on, don’t have a chance of working in the long run. If you’re seeking the path to weight loss you would do well to resist going for the next miracle pill and instead seek out information on the underlying cause of your excess fat.

Nature made the human body (including those of food lovers) to be efficient and strong Matrecept enough to survive in a hostile environment. We have the same kind of body, basically, as those of our ancestors who lived in the ice age. And barring illness or disease there shouldn’t be any reason for anyone to have a body that piles on excessive fat.

The first step, therefore, towards losing excess weight should focus on ensuring you have a healthy body that’s not being abused by drugs, excessive eating or lack of regular exercise.

But this doesn’t mean that the opposite extremes should be applied, that you should impose upon yourself a starvation diet or resort to strenuous, exhausting exercise in order to lose the pounds. Indeed, as a food lover, the former is as unthinkable as it is unnecessary, and while exercise in moderation is beneficial, taken to excess (as it tends to be when used as a means of losing weight) it can do as much harm as good.

The human body needs sufficient food in order to function at maximum efficiency, and if a task such as removing superfluous fat is to be embarked upon then it needs that food, with all its calories and vitamins, more than ever, as fuel for the journey. So that’s good news.

Only in very rare cases is eating too much the cause of being overweight. Possibly eating the wrong kinds of food – junk foods and the like – is a cause, but then if the act of cutting them out of your diet doesn’t work there must be some deeper seated cause that you have to tackle. The fact is that many people maintain a rigid diet of healthy food eaten in moderation over a prolonged period and only have at best modest results to show. Why should this be?

The explanation lies not in the amount of food you eat, but in the kind of food you have been eating all your life. I’m talking about junk food. Now, as a food lover you’ve probably hardly ever touched junk food. But even if you have only eaten it from time to time, that’s enough. And you have probably been subjected to all the other harmful foods and medicines that are part of day to day life.

Whether they are pain killers, anti depressants, anti-biotics, or other modern day products that are supposed to be beneficial in some way, they are all foreign to our stone age bodies. And our bodies will often try and resist them. Could this be the reason why so many people have weight problems? Could it be an attempt to protect certain vital organs from substances the body doesn’t know how to deal with in any other way?

This may not be such a strange idea. Is it just a question of body fat? How does it affect our vital organs – our stomach, colon, spleen, liver, bladder, and so on? Could this lead to the infestation of our vital organs, like our spleen and colon, with worms and other parasites?

Could our insides be chock-a-block full of the excreta of such things? If the answer is yes then no wonder fad diets don’t work. By pursuing this line of enquiry overweight people who love their food may find at last the answer to what they seek.


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